Geode’s mission is to help transform the small and middle market companies into more systematic, consistent, better versions of themselves. We create better-run companies through and with their entrepreneurial business owners by identifying, developing, and implementing winning strategies that align strategic resources and technology to fulfill their long-term vision. We drive value by recommending the right strategies aimed at improved organizational performance by leveraging people, processes, and technology in ways that create value for the organization.

Geode clients include private equity portfolio companies, turn-around firms and non-profits in need of strategic planning, operational improvement, and technology advice.

Geode Consulting exists to uncover your company’s inner financial beauty and unleash business growth.



Struggling with business strategy?

Your company is not the only one! Most organizations spend a lot of time developing a strategic plan and subsequently struggling to implement it. Whatever your reason, that plan is often filed in a cabinet or placed on a shelf for months or even years. Historically, organizations developed 5-year plans that covered every aspect of their business. Today, a structured, simpler approach is necessary to create traction in the organization.

Don't underestimate the organization's health and core culture as they play a pivotal role in the firm's strategic direction and pave the road to its success or ultimate failure.

Using a toolkit of organizational and business development tools, Geode Consulting assists organizations in creating actionable strategies that make their way into organization’s cultures. Services include: strategic planning, facilitation, program development and implementation.

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Are you trying to sell your business? Is your firm "in shape"?

Geode is helping organizations improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement.

Geode will help you achieve higher profit growth. On average, it’s not achieved through reduced employee count or lower overhead but by pursuing the right growth opportunities and through efficient management of costs, technology and business inventory.

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Is the "Tech" worth it?

Geode’s principals have decades of hands-on tech management experience to help a private equity company, a family office or another purchaser decide if the prospective company has what they claim in tech value.

We also work with our clients to discern the right technology solution for their specific scenario, then advise their leadership team around the best technology decision for them. We manage software and hardware vendor responses and negotiations to get the best possible price and contract terms for strategic technology purchases.

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