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Fractional/Part-Time CTO, technology solutions or management consulting. What do you need?

It's a question that bears repeating: What does your business need?

By understanding exactly how business—specifically speaking, your business—operates, Geode can help you automate, improve, or enhance your processes with technology that makes sense for your unique business challenges. It's not technology for technology's sake, but rather, technology for your sake.

And if it doesn't save or make you money, it's just window dressing.

Business technology: We'll either find it. Or build it.

It's that simple. And that hard. Because applying technology solutions to business operations is an art as well as science—we have an intuitive "feel" and innate ability to see inside a particular business, and then apply what we know about technology to that particular insight.

Find it. Sometimes that means finding the right software to meet your business need. Many times that means exploiting existing capabilities within programs you already own. The point is, the virtually limitless world of software needs an experienced navigator who knows the quickest, smartest, most cost-effective routes to your desired destination. That's Geode.

Build it. Sometimes the application you need hasn't been created yet—not exactly. Not the way your unique business needs to make (or save) the maximum amount of money. In such instances, we custom-create technology solutions that meet a specific business need and marshal the resources necessary to deploy it. Here, we're much less technology "navigators" and much more technology "explorers". We find ways where previously there were none. That's also Geode.

Rest assured that we'll never build…what we can find. Never force-feed you a custom application when an existing or modified off-the-shelf program will make or save you money.

Let's plainly discuss your technology needs.

For less money than you likely spend on office supplies in a given month, we can sit down and complete an entire business technology review together. Many times, this type of technology consulting is the most cost-effective, because we often immediately see the in-house solution you already have—one that's been invisible to you.