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Happy Customers Who Believed Technology Should Save Or Make You Money.

We've worked in—and for—dozens of industries and businesses; developing applications, ferreting out existing software, consulting on technology approaches that either save or make clients money. Each of the thumbnails below represents a unique response to a unique business problem.

Solutions that in every case, began with a phone call or e-mail inquiry.

Client/Project Samples

Click on the "view study" at the end of any of the following thumbnails for a complete case history.

Digital Media/Content Management: Created a custom content distribution system allowing client to effectively distribute multi-media content to hundreds of remote clients with varying bandwidth capability, by using a single central management interface. View study.

Telemarketing/Data Reporting: Built a reporting system that aggregated information from three unique and different-platform databases into one seamless reporting and analysis mechanism. View study.

Travel/Information Management: Consolidated previously unreliable and inefficient manual reporting and communication across multiple departments using a Microsoft Outlook based shared system that increased efficiency and greatly improved customer service. View study.

Artist/On-line Portfolio: Created an automated and seamless on-line interface and web-based application for the presentation and management of an artist's lifeblood: the on-line sample portfolio. View study.

Advertising/On-line Commerce: Custom-build an on-line ad placement and sales application that allowed website visitors to create, place and purchase their own ad space on the website with little human involvement. View study.

On-line Tickets/Customer Contact: Created a web-based customer marketing engine designed to announce specials and ticket deals to customers who'd used the website. Aggregated multiple data sources into a single-source marketing solution. View study.

State Agency/Client/Server Application: Merged new programs for the State of Connecticut into an existing architecture created by a company that went out of business. View study.

Non-profit/Software Consulting: Strained by a narrow budget, we researched and implemented an existing software solution to unite and streamline vast, cumbersome data sets across multiple Excel formats into an integrated data management system. View study.

Precision Manufacturing/Software Design: Created a customized tracking and asset management system for tooling used by a precision manufacturer. Software integrated with current inventory controls to provide management of resources never before tracked by the company. View study.