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About Geode Software

Technology Consulting & Development That Began When So Much Else Ended.

Geode Software began business in the year 2000, perhaps the absolute worst year in technology history to start a tech company. (In fact, there are still pieces of the burst dot com bubble still lying around here somewhere.)

If you know no other thing about Geode other than our inception year—then you know that we obviously brought something to market that had both value… and staying power. And that the idea of finding or building technology that makes or saves money for businesses was—and still is—a pretty attractive idea.

Take a look inside our clients. A wide, deep array of services and business agree with the simple, effective formula we've devised.

Our Founder, David Evans

As a compulsive entrepreneur, David Evans started his first business at age 19—a residential painting business. While in college, he worked for a systems integrator designing and developing software systems for small to medium-sized businesses, including travel agencies, light manufacturing concerns, attorneys, accountants, telemarketers and more.

Part of that "more" (beyond the launch of Geode in 2000) included developing a proprietary POS system and automated inventory control for the nascent on-line ticketing industry—an experience he would leverage into participatory stakes in several small businesses until opening his own on-line ticketing company during his spare time in 2005. That company, EasySeat, was ranked #176 on the 2010 Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private companies in America, a ranking that was powered by software and processes developed at Geode. Not just a one hit wonder, EasySeat would go on to make the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing private companies for 5 consecutive years prior to its sale to an in-industry buyer. In effect, Geode helped build one of the fastest growing companies in the country, a service it offers to all of its clients.

What is a Geode?

According to, "a geode is a rock, with a rough and insignificant looking exterior, that is either partially or completely filled with crystal. The geo prefix means earth, and the rough lumps on the outer surface are often spherical, resembling small planetoids. Petrologists do not really have a clear understanding of how a geode forms. It is theorized that round geodes formed from bubbles in volcanic rock, while the crystals formed later, with the slow seeping of mineral-laden water into the bubble. Irregularly shaped geodes are perhaps formed in cavities created by ancient roots or burrows."

It was a cool enough name with just enough mystery to represent "new technology," in other words.

But the real reason the company is called Geode? David very much wanted to honor his father, George Henry Evans, Jr., who passed on all too early in the mid 1990's. So he found something cool-sounding with "Geo" embedded permanently within the name.